Our 2015 School Board endorsement process

As you can see in our history, the Culver City Community Coalition is a relatively new group building on the work of other small groups of thoughtful, compassionate and committed citizens working to bring positive change to Culver City.
Our Endorsement Committee for the School Board election met several times over the past few weeks to develop an process that would be fair and transparent. The committee developed an endorsement questionnaire  and an evaluation process using blind responses and a rubric.  
As you might know, two candidates, Anne Burke and Scott Mc Varish, did not respond. What you might not know is that we extended the deadline for responding in order to accommodate them; however, the only response received was from Kelly Kent.  Each of us on the endorsement committee evaluated the responses on his or her own. We then came together at an endorsement committee meeting and voted to recommend endorsing Kelly Kent. We then made this recommendation at the general meeting, held Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015, and after some discussion, the members voted to endorse her.