The 2016 City Council endorsement process begins!

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As voters around Culver City begin to get visits, materials and phone calls from candidates for the 2016 City Council election, we have begun our endorsement process by sending candidates the questionnaire that our Endorsement Committee has prepared. We expect candidates to respond by February 15th, when the Committee will begin to review the responses and decide which candidates they will interview, intending to announce their endorsement on February 22nd.

This is the second time that our group has entered the endorsement arena in Culver City. During the School Board election which took place in November of 2015, we endorsed now School Board Member Kelly Kent, who came in as the front runner, with 40% of the vote.

Our organization is committed to helping our members and our community understand which candidates hold progressive values and to define exactly what we mean by that. To that end, we are sharing the questions we are asking the candidates.

Our Endorsement Committee is a diverse group consisting of community members who are residents of the different neighborhoods in Culver City.