Culver City Birdee comes to town!

Have you heard about Culver City Birdee?  

Birdee is the new ‘tweeter’ mascot that is going to be helping Culver City voters become more knowledgeable about elections, register and go out and vote.

You can meet Birdie in this video. And here’s the Spanish version

Why is the City doing this?

Last September, Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 415, a bill that will significantly affect voting in Culver City.  As former School Board Member Karlo Silbiger explained: “In any city where the difference between their local elections and state-national elections is more than 25 percent voter turnout, the elections would have to be consolidated. This means that in Culver City, where we have a state and national election average voter turnout of about 69 percent and a local election average of between 15 and 20 percent, we will ‘way exceed the 25 percent difference.”




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