Affording Housing in Culver City

Did you know that about half (45.6%  to be exact) of our City’s residents are renters? (source LA Times)

Like others in the Los Angeles region, Culver City renters are not only facing a hard time finding a home they can afford to buy, many renters are also finding rents are the least affordable they have ever been. According to the real estate site Trulia, median rents in Culver City rose from $2500 in March to $3745 in December last year.

This issue has been in the minds of many.  In December of 2014, the Culver City Council attempted a conversation and the issue exploded. The concerns of renters facing daunting rent hikes were overshadowed by the testimony from many members of the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles who mounted a campaign raising the fear of rent control.

We feel that our community deserves this conversation, and we are committed to helping make this conversation more productive by providing accurate information on the subject. To that end, we will be blogging to keep our community informed, posting information on our website to help tenants find resources that will help them avoid evictions, and organizing forums to keep this issue on the forefront.


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