Progressive Values Simply Defined

As we see it, the work of our group is to define progressive values in our local politics, to help elect candidates whose values align with ours and to organize campaigns that ensure our local leaders act in support of these values.

To this end, we will be posting blogs that help others understand what we mean by progressive values.  We want to share a small set of points from a much longer document entitled Progressive Thinking: A Synthesis of American Progressive Values, Beliefs and Positions which was prepared by the American Values Project.

The main tenets of progressive thinking are very simple: Everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does his or her fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules.

More specifically:

  • Progressives are committed to a smart and active government that allows us to work together to solve problems that we cannot address on our own. This commitment is grounded in constitutional beliefs that government exists to secure and protect our rights; to protect us from harm; to ensure opportunity; and to provide the foundation for fair markets and the public good.
  • Progressives work together to create a growing economy with vibrant businesses and widely shared prosperity. We want an economy that works for everyone, not just the few.
  • Progressives work together for good jobs with higher wages, workers’ rights, a stronger middle class, and a cleaner, more sustainable economy.
  • Progressives work together to ensure our political system is ‘of, by and for’ the people and not rigged in favor of big corporations and the privileged.
  • Progressives work together to encourage citizens to participate more in political discourse and governing.