Myths and Facts About Affordable and High Density Housing

This document (mythsnfacts) does a fantastic job explaining the many myths about affordable housing and high density.  It also includes some wonderful case studies about cities in California that are making progress on this front.

Here are the highlights:

MYTH # 1: High-density housing is affordable housing; affordable housing is high-density housing.   FACT # 1: Not all high-density housing is affordable to low-income families.

MYTH # 2: High-density and affordable housing will cause too much traffic. FACT #2: People who live in affordable housing own fewer cars and drive less.

MYTH # 3: High-density development strains public services and infrastructure. FACT# 3: Compact development offers greater efficiency  in use of public services and infrastructure.

MYTH # 4: People who live in high density and affordable housing won’t fit into my neighborhood.  FACT # 4: People who need affordable housing already live and work in your community.

MYTH # 5: Affordable housing reduces property values. FACT # 5: No study in California has ever shown that affordable housing developments reduces property values.

MYTH # 6: Residents of affordable housing move too often to be stable community members.  FACT # 6: When rents are guaranteed to remain stable, tenants move less often.

MYTH #7: High-density and affordable housing undermine community character.  FACT #7: New affordable and high-density housing can always be designed to fit into existing communities.

MYTH #8: High-density and affordable housing increase crime.  FACT # 8: The design and use of public spaces has a far more significant effect on crime than density or income levels.


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