Habitat for Humanity’s Housing Project on Globe Avenue is a good start.

The Culver City News wrote this great article about this project., supporting the fundraiser that Councilwoman Meghan Sahli-Wells will be hosting on March 22nd

We extend our support to Meghan, the strongest advocate for affordable housing on the City Council.  “We are in such great need of more affordable housing, so I’m really happy to be doing this,” Sahli-Wells said the news article.

She is holding the fundraiser to raise $7,000 for air filtration systems to make sure the 10 news homes are as safe from pollutants as possible, since the homes are located next to the freeway.

Daniel Lee also spoke eloquently about this project in the article:

Daniel Lee, a Culver City resident and organizer, agrees that the Globe Avenue homes are a good start.  At a Jan. 28 town hall on affordable housing in Culver City, Lee, who came within 243 votes of winning a seat on the City Council in 2016, was pleased to hear the number of residents who talked about the importance of more low and moderate housing. “I think the need and the recognition about affordable housing is there but I’m not sure that the political will is,” said Lee, who was one of the few candidates who talked about the need for rent stabilization on the campaign trail.

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