Culver City Democratic Club Candidate Forum – questions and answers

Link to the video

Introductory Statement: Daniel Lee: 26:43, Alex Fisch: 33:43, Albert Vera: 30:26

Question 1: What would you to provide affordable housing in Culver City? Answers start at 32:04

Question 2: Given the horrific school shooting today in Florida what is your position on gun control? Would you be willing to pass a resolution condemning gun violence and supporting common sense gun laws? Answers start at 36:20

Question 3: Will you act to protect Culver City from oil drilling and fracking by voting to require a .5 to 1 mile setback, a $2.5 billion disaster bond and a baseline survey of the health risks and property damage? Answers start at: 40:05

Question 4:  What plans have you for relieving traffic congestion, particularly in light of the three new venues that will open soon? Answers start at: 43:40

Question 5: How many times have you voted in a Culver City election since you moved to Culver City?  Answers start at: 47:30

Question 6:  Do you have a plan to fight airplane noise?  Answers start at: 50:00

Question 7:  Will you accept campaign contributions from large corporations such as developers, oil companies, etc. Answers start at: 53:07

Question 8: What specifically will you propose to mitigate traffic congestion in Culver City now that so much new development has been approved and do you support the building height limit? Answers start at: 55:44

Question 9:  How can Culver City be more LGBTQ friendly? Answers start at: 1:00:17

Question 10:  Who are your main endorsers?   Answers start at: 1:02:44

Question 11: Given that these are non-partisan elections, how you present citizens that do not agree with you on issues, before you take a representative position as a citizen and what ought to be best for the whole Culver City community? Answers start at 1:07:28

Question 12: About banning AirBnB (question inaudible). Answers start at: 1:11:40

Closing Statements: Albert Vera: 1:15:10, Alex Fisch: 1:15:56, Daniel Lee: 1:17:10

Member Discussion: 1:20:05

Announcement of Voting Results: 1:59:35




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