Fox Hills Culver City Candidate Forum – the questions and the answers

Link to the video

Introductions:  Marcus Tiggs – 8:49, Alex Fisch 10:22, Albert Vera 12:03, Daniel Lee 13:24

Question 1: Residents of Fox Hills are concerned about parking and traffic related safety issues such as speeding.  What solutions do you propose to address these issues in CC especially when the City is trying to increase housing?  Answers start at 15:33

Question 2: What are your views regarding the upcoming implementation of Proposition 64  – that’s the marijuana legalization initiative in Culver City? Please specify any challenges or benefits you foresee when implemented and do you support Proposition A? Answers start at 23:57

Question 3: HSH management Proposal for the Fox Hills Plaza is to change the zoning from commercial to planned development for mixed use project with 762 residential units as well as retail space.  The plan is for 960 parking spaces for all uses, employees, residents, shoppers and guests.  The proposed density is double the requirement for units for mixed use which is 50 units per acre.  If you were on the City Council right now and this plan was presented to you, how would you vote and what, if anything, would you like to see changed? Answers start at 32:26

Question 4: What proposals would you make or support so that present renters in Culver City will not be pushed out due to excessive rent increases? Answers start at 40:12

Question 5: What do you see as Culver City’s single most important issue today, challenge facing Culver City and what would you see as a possible solution? Answers start at 48:02

Question 6: Have you received any campaign contributions from developers? If so, which developers and if not, will you accept developer contributions to your campaign? Answers start at : 56:09

Question 7: With the record number of homeless in Los Angeles what strategies would you propose to address this issue in Culver City? Answers start at: 1:00:36

Question 8: City Council passed a smoking ban on all complexes without any enforcement mechanism. What will you do to give this ordinance more teeth? Answers start at: 1:09:10

Closing Statements:  Marcus Tiggs: 1:15:45, Alex Fisch: 1:11:25, Albert Vera: 1:19:15, Daniel Lee: 1:20:31

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