Culver City Kids Forum – questions and answers

Here is the link to the video – if you prefer to see the answers there, just look for the comment from Claudia Vizcarra which has all the questions and timestamps.

Opening: 52:08 Michelle Mayans Fernandez opens the events, 58:48 Sydney Kamlager-Dove, President of the Board of Trustees of the  Los Angeles Community College District, 1:01:58 State Senator Holly J. Mitchell, 1:06:20 U.S. Congresswoman Karen Bass


Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 12.22.37 PM
California State Senator Holly Mitchell

1:08:28 Candidate Opening Statements:  Alex Fisch for Culver City Council: 1:08:28,  Daniel Lee for Culver City Council, 1:10:03,  1:12:14 Candidate Marcus Tiggs for Culver City Council 1:12:14,  1:14:19 Candidate Albert Vera for Culver City Council 1:14:19

Question 1: Who did you vote for in the last presidential election? Answers start at: 1:16:29 

Question 2: Do you own a gun or have you ever owned a gun? Are you a member of the NRA? Answers start at: 1:18:06

Question 3: With regards to the NRA booth at Fiesta La Ballona, in what do you place more value? Upholding the first amendment right to free speech or the majority of voices in your community who prefer that the NRA not be there? Answers start at: 1:19:50

Question 4: Marijuana is legal in California and so is buying a gun. Which should be easier to purchase in Culver City? Answers start at: 1:22:57 

Question 5:  Do you think the city should still issue concealed weapons permits? Answers start at: 1:24:36

Question 6: Do you support the national walkout day and, if so, will you walk with us the students on March 14? Answers start at: 1:26:50

Question 7: Do you think CCPD should train our teachers to be armed in classrooms or is that a really bad idea? Answers starts at: 1:29:16

Question 8: Students are being killed in classrooms across the country because of gun violence. What will you do to protect the citizens and families from a shooting occurring at a Culver City School so no one has to live in fear of not returning home. Answers start at: 1:32:40

Question 9: So far we have three shops in Culver City that sell guns, all of which are near schools. Would you allow other shops to sell guns if they wanted to? Answers start at: 1:35:50

Question 10: If you had to be on a desert island with one of your fellow candidates, who would you want it to be and why? Answers start at: 1:18:06

Question 11: What thing do you admire most in each other? Answers start at: 1:40:53

Question 12: If you could have any famous band play at your city council inauguration ball who would that be? Answers start at: 1:43:24 

Question 13:  Elliot: Do you think Americans should learn more than one language?” Answers start at: 1:44:52

Question 14: 1:46:58 “Where do you get your news?” Answers start at: 1:46:58

Question 15:  Isreal, “If you were elected to the council, what would you want the city to remember you for?” Answers start at: 1:49:14

Question 16: 1:52:01 Miley, “Do you support the great wall that President Trump wants to build between the US and Mexico?” Answers start at: 1:52:01

Question 17: With the advent of automation here in Culver City, people in the parking structures at Trader Joe’s have been replaced. How would Culver City cope with this change and what would you do to protect jobs in Culver City?” “specifically low wage jobs.” Answers start at: 1:55:15 

Question 18: Bella asks, How can you make facilities more accessible to the disabled in Culver City community? Answers start at: 1:58:14 

Question 19: Zachary, Do you think fracking is worth the harm it may be causing? Why or why not? Answers start at: 2:01:31

Question 20: If oil companies approach you to invest money in the city, do you think CCUSD or CCEF should take the oil money if it benefits the students? Why or why not?”  Answers start at: 2:04:41 

Question 21: If you win, will you be a tweeting city council member?” Answers start at: 2:07:30

Question 22: Your favorite city in the world other than Culver City 2:08:19  Answers start at:  2:08:19

Question 23: Do you have a favorite current world leader? Answers start at: 2:11:48

Question 24: Cities including Boston, San Francisco and D.C. have all pledged to cut their green house gasses by 80% by the year 2050. How are you going to lower Culver City’s carbon footprint?” Answers start at: 2:13:32

Question 25: Are you OK with doing this for free?”Answers start at: 2:16:18

Answers start at: The proposal to build 32 new fracking wells in the Inglewood Oil Field is deeply concerning to me and many students and citizens due to its posed environmental impacts and health impacts such as exposing our citizens to an increased risk of carcinogens found in the environment, seismic activity, and anthropologic climate change…If you are in opposition, what regulations would you support? Answers start at: 2:19:15 

Question 27: What is your position in regards to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United Versus FEC decision and do you think it was justified. Do you agree with the role that this decision has given to money in politics? Answers start at: 2:23:01 

Question 28:  How did arts education shape you? (15 seconds or less). Answers start at2:25:46

Question 29: What book are you currently reading? Answers start at: 2:28:14

Question 30:  What’s your favorite film shot in Culver City? Answers start at: 2:29:46 

Question 31: When you see a homeless person, do you give them food? money? or neither? Answers start at: 2:30:43




























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