What the Council said on 3/13 about the Fox Hills Plaza

Here’s a video of the last 5 minutes of the meeting of 3/13.  The last few minutes are missing, but they are telling, see the transcript below for that last part.


Jim Clarke: This is a statement that I discussed earlier tonight with the Community Development Director and the City Attorney.  Currently we’re scheduled to consider a community benefits proposal from the developer of the Fox Hills Plaza at our March 26th Council meeting.  This is consistent with our policy in which the developer holds a community meeting and develops a Community Benefits Proposal which are presented to the council prior to the project being presented to the Planning Commission which is scheduled for April 12th. I have no way of knowing what the developer plans to present or how the Council react but should the process move forward on March 26th, I will ask for 3 nodding heads to agendize the special Council meeting on either April 17 or 18th to consider the Fox Hills Plaza Project.  I want to give you a heads up about this possible placeholder.  This project has been very contentious for a long time and I think we owe it to our residents to resolve this project one way or another rather than dragging it out farther.  So it is my intention that depending on what we do on March 26 to possible ask us to agendize a special meeting on April 17th or 18th.

Meghan Sahli-Wells: I’m sorry this. We’re scheduled.. I just have a clarifying question. So we’re already scheduled to vote on this on April 12th on the Fox Hills…

Jim Clarke/Meghan Sahli-Wells: that’s the Planning Commission, ok..

Jim Clarke: The process that we .. our policy is that the Community Benefits Package comes to us for Council first before it goes to the Planning Commission for the entitlement hearing.  We can decide if we are favorably disposed and we want to move the process forward then I’m suggesting that we go ahead and schedule our hearing on this project within the period of time after the Planning Commission.

Meghan Sahli-Wells: OK, so

Jim Clarke: If we decide not to adopt the Community Benefits Proposal then it’s moot and I wouldn’t bring it forward.

Jeff Cooper: Dependent on it going to the Planning Commission.

Jim Clarke: It’s still scheduled to go to the Planning Commission on the 12th but if the Community Benefits Package that is presented to us on the 26th, gets to a point where it really doesn’t seem to work there might be a re-scheduling of the whole Planning Commission hearing of which case then I would not make the motion to ask for..

Meghan Sahli-Wells: But what would be the discussion  on for April 17th?

Jim Clarke: Would be the actual approval, it would have gone to the Planning Commission

Meghan Sahli-Wells: I understand.

Jim Clarke: we would actually be voting on the project.

Meghan Sahli-Wells: Ok so this happened with Entrada that in a lame duck Council there was the very controversial Entrada was voted on and so I think that it would be a travesty to do such a thing. A travesty.

Jim Clarke: Understand but I also think too on the other hand everything else on a new council is going to be involved. I mean, we’ve been with this project…

Meghans Sahli-Wells: No.

Jim Clarke: for the whole time.

Meghan Sahli-Wells: It will be a travesty.

Jim Clarke: It should be on us.  Ok, we’ll see what we do on the 26th.

Jeff Cooper: I cannot support it

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