City Council Meeting about Military Equipment, 4/11, 7 pm

(from our friends at CCAN)

Armored vehicles, assault weapons, tear and gas and “less lethal” weapons?

CCPD (agenda item PH-2).Because the use of military equipment increases the risk to public safety and civil rights (see studies listed here), California Assembly Bill AB481 requires law enforcement agencies to adopt strict policies for their use.CCPD has submitted a loosely worded, non-compliant policy to City Council that will be discussed at tomorrow’s meeting.

Because of the serious danger of these weapons we urge everyone to tell Council why CCPD has written a BAD POLICY that they should not accept.There are many specific reasons listed in this breakdown of CCPD’s second draft, but we see a few major areas where serious risk to the public is not addressed or the process appears to be in bad faith.

1) Lack of specificity:In several places the document lists uses of these weapons with the statement “including but not limited to”. This effectively authorizes ALL uses.

.2) Lack of Accountability:It is California law that CCPD policy needs to include a “mechanism of compliance” such as right of the public to sue when the usage is in violation of policy. This is not specified in the CCPD draft.There is no firm response time to complaints about violations of policy, also a requirement of the law.

3) Bad faith:The CCPD webpage is dated March 11, in compliance with the 30 day advance notice of a public hearing. But there have been 3 different versions of the document linked, the most recent version on April 5th.

There is no need for CCPD to rush this policy as AB481 allows for usage of military equipment for 180 days after the first policy submission.

For more information on how to analyze the draft CCPD policy, please refer to this toolkit published by the American Friends Service Committee.To sign up to speak on item PH-2 tomorrow, either live or virtually, please consult the Culver City webpage. And remember that e-comments must be submitted by 3pm on 4/11.

See you there!

In Solidarity,


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