Protecting Renters – Avoiding Eviction

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One of the critical parts of the work of making sure that renters  in our community remain here is helping them avoid unlawful evictions.

To begin this work we are sharing information about the Eviction Defense Network, a network of trial lawyers, advocates and tenants defending the right to affordable housing.  EDN was formed in 2003 to provide affordable representation by experienced tenant attorneys to all tenants facing eviction in Los Angeles County.

This is why they exist:

Approximately 70,000 evictions are filed in Los Angeles County every year. Tenants who are not represented by an attorney often do not find justice through the legal system or are tricked into signing an agreement that leaves them with little time to move, owing a large money judgment, and with the eviction on their credit record. The courts are not sympathetic to tenants who do not have a lawyer.

Because they provide attorneys who can represent tenants, it’s important to let people in our community know about them. They are currently running a campaign to make sure that renters have this sheet up on their fridge, so they are prepared in the event they need one.

How to Get an Eviction Attorney:  AAA How to Get an Eviction Attorney-Bilingual

This is another important information piece that is good to share: AAA Tenant Dos and Don’ts – 10 Common Mistakes Bilingual