Protecting Renters: How does Culver City compare with other cities?

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Over the years, we have been learning about the protections that tenants in Culver City have, compared to other cities.  We have found that unfortunately, our city does not offer many protections.

But let’s start with what we do have: the Culver City LandlordTenant Mediation Board.  Here is their website.  Here is the roster of the members of the Board and their terms. As you can see in their by-laws they are supposed to have 4 tenant representatives, 4 landlord representatives and 4 members-at-large, but at this point they only have 3 tenant representatives. If you want to ask about this, please contact Monda Kennedy at (310) 253-5780. It is important to note that agreements reached by landlord and tenants are voluntary (non-binding), as stated in the by-laws.

Now let’s look at what a few other surrounding cities have, here in the Los Angeles area.

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West Hollywood stands out in providing thorough information about housing and targeted information for both landlords and tenants. They also include a translate feature, on their website, so these resources can be accessed by non English-speakers.  They also have a survey, where they learn about the housing situation and needs of their residents and their needs.  Here are the newsletters that they send to tenants and to landlords. And they even offer educational seminars for tenants.



BeveScreen Shot 2017-11-12 at 11.05.20 AMrly Hills requires that landlords provide tenants this handbook detailing their rights.  You will see that they include information about the ‘just causes’ for evicting tenants.

They also provide details about the relocation fees that landlords must pay if they evict tenants without one of the just causes.

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In October of 2016 Los Angeles started requiring units under the Rent Stabilization Ordinance register.  This is part of  Mayor Garcetti’s campaign to protect renters from runaway rents and displacement from their neighborhoods.

As you will see, many of these protections are offered in cities like Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Santa Monica that have rent stabilization ordinances.  If you want to learn more about rent control/rent stabilization, this article from California Tenant Law is quite thorough.

Another good place to catch up on the issue of housing affordability is our Facebook page  or our Facebook group as we do our best to post pertinent articles on this important subject regularly.

Starting this November (2017) we are canvassing our neighbors, especially renters, to learn more about their opinions on these issues, since we are approaching the Culver City Council election next April. If you want to join us in canvassing or just want to subscribe to our newsletter, please send us an email to

Our Culver City dream has always included our intention that affordable housing and protections for renters grow and, as we say, we intend to make it real!

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